Best ways to leverage your digital media company to withstand economic turmoil

Prepping seems to be a dire need of recent times, especially for those involved in digital businesses. According to the latest estimation, there are more than 3 million preppers in America. The most common danger these people are preparing for is the impending economic crisis. Since the global dept is increasing at a dangerous rate and the leverage and risks associated with it can collapse any moment, it’s a need to remain well prepared for such a crisis. Given below is a list of strategies to prepare for an economic collapse.

Don’t Put All Your Money in A Single Place

It’s never wise to have a single resource for all your financial savings.  You must have multiple bank accounts so that it won’t be easy to locate and wipe out all of your money. The savings of a person must always be distributed in a number of places to ensure better financial security.

Build an Emergency Fund from Your Savings

The most destructive approach towards life is not to save anything for your bad times. You must always have a backup plan in case you lose your job. The wisest approach is to spend after saving, not to save after spending. During major economic crisis, almost every organization starts massive downsizing and a great number of people lose their means for survival. Hence, it’s absolutely mandatory to always have a saving fund. Cut down on your luxuries and prepare for survival in the long run. Your saving fund must be large enough to pay for your food, shelter, mortgages and other necessary stuff for at least a year.

Don’t Remain Indebted

Many people have the misconception that they’ll be free of their dept when an economic collapse arises. However, it’s far from reality. If you’re under heavy dept, then you’ll be in a very critical situation in an economic crisis as the dept collectors become ruthless and demand all of their money within an extremely short time period.

Always Have Some Savings At Home

Just as you need to have multiple bank accounts, it’s mandatory to have some money at home to deal with an emergency. In case the ATM machines stop working or there’s a sudden extended bank holiday, you must have enough money at home to sustain you for a few days. Keep a secret safe at home and keep your money in that safe. There are other survival tools like a bright flashlight that you should keep in this safe as well.

Start Your Own Side Business

If you’re not making much out of your regular income and it’s not possible for you to save for the tough times, then you must increase your finances by starting a small side business. Starting a side business will also empower you and you’ll be less dependent on your current job. Also, choose a business in which you don’t have to invest a lot of money.

Cut Down On Your Daily Expenses

It’s about time we draw a clear line between our necessities and luxuries. A lot of people aren’t able to save a sufficient amount of money because of their extravagant expenses. But it’s not necessary to buy Gucci bags or wear branded clothes at all times. Similarly, you can cut down on your dine-out expenses and other luxuries to safe a hefty sum to deal with the economic crisis.

Stock Silver and Gold

Considering the speed with which money is being printed by the global banks, it’s a given that inflation will touch its highest limits in the coming years. The US dollar can be crushed very badly and this crisis will heavily affect those who have most of their savings in dollars. This is why it’s advisable to invest in silver, gold, platinum, diamond, or any other valuable metal. Also, this can be a really profitable investment as the price of these metals is expected to rise in future.

Don’t Be Dependent on the Power Grid

You can start using rain barrels for collecting water, hang the clothes to air dry, direct the water from the washing machine to different reservoirs, and make use of sunlight as much as possible. This will lower your electricity bills and you’ll depend less on different public utilities. This approach will save your money and it’ll also prepare you to live in a power-deprived situation if the need arises.

As far as lighting goes, you can rely on candles and tactical flashlights for reliability. Learn more about the top tactical flashlights.

Opt For Low-Cost or Free Entertainment

Entertainment is surely a necessity but one must not go overboard with it. You can opt for a community center membership or a family YMCA instead of expensive sports and recreational clubs. Make a list of all the free services being offered in your community and try to make the most of them. Go for picnics and hiking, explore parks, visit public libraries and get habitual of reading. Adopt productive hobbies such as needlework, gardening, carving, and canning.

Make a Strict Budget for Your Shopping

Before going for Christmas or Easter shopping, you must make a strict budget and stick to it. Don’t take unnecessary cash with you. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to buy needless items. Also, never shop on credit cards.

Move to Smaller Cities

This can be really tough or impossible for many people as they simply can’t quit their jobs or studies, but it’s still recommended to move to smaller cities at some point in your life. If an economic crisis arises, the rate of riots and violence will be much higher in big cities as compared to smaller ones. People who live simple lives in small cities are least affected by economic turndowns.

Start Storing Food

The global reserves for food are hitting their lowest levels in recent times. As the global warming intensifies and the economy gets badly affected, the prices of even basic food items will shoot up to unimaginable rates. Hence, start storing food while you can easily afford it. Buy some extra food on each visit to the grocery shop and save it for future use.

Store Important Medicines and Other Medical Supplies

An economic collapse can deprive you of your most essential needs like medicines and other medical aides like bandages and first-aid items. So keep a stock of medicines which you regularly use and prepare a first-aid box which can be used in times of crisis.

Improve your publishing skills and performance with (healthy) nootropics

Publishing projects can take much more than just time. They drain your mental energy and focus, and if you’re like me, this can be a problem. So how do you stay on top of your game when you have a big work load? Introducing smart drugs, a digital publisher’s best friend. But beware how you use them. Most of the drug and food supplements are made for enhancing the immune system and body functions. The main aim of these supplements is to prevent the body from catching diseases and increase the overall quality of life. However, only a few types of supplements are available for improving the central nervous system and cognitive function. Such drugs come under the category of nootropics, and they have the ability to enhance the overall brain function.

Nootropics have ingredients that target various aspects of brain function including concentration, thinking and decision making process, and memory. These drugs are a combination of neurochemicals and supplements used for boosting focus, memory, and enhancing the capabilities of the brain. They are also known as smart drugs, intelligence enhancers, and neuro enhancers.

In the medical industry, they are popular for treating patients suffering from stroke, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, aging, and schizophrenia [1]. There are countless benefits of using nootropics, some of which we have already discussed, but like everything else, they have side effects and potential risks associated with their use. This article is aimed towards highlighting the factors leading to those potential risks and how they can be minimized.

Factors Leading to Risks of Using Nootropics

According to a recent national study, there are many authentic articles and reviews published on the dangers associated with cognitive enhancement drugs. However, there is a lack of literature on the safe consumption of nootropic drugs for the youth and how to mitigate its effects if they are taken in excess or abused [2].

There are several factors that influence the risks associated with nootropics. The two biggest factors, according to several studies, are the dosage of the drug and the development of the user’s brain. Other factors include the type of nootropic, how frequently it is being used, and how long the person has been taking it. Let’s look into these factors in more depth.

Dosage of the Drug

Various studies indicate that the effects of nootropics vary vastly based on the dosage taken by the user. Certain nootropics, like Provigil, when taken in high dosage, tend to stimulate the components of the brain that are involved in developing dependence. Although every nootropic comes with a guideline regarding its dosage, people end up abusing it because they find it quite effective and think that increasing the dosage may help them achieve results faster.

When a person takes higher dosage than recommended for a long period of time, their brain tends to develop dependence on the high-dose such that they are unable to even think normally if they don’t get the same dosage.

Brain Development w.r.t. Age and Dependency

The teenage years are considered as the critical stage for brain development, and it is quite difficult to determine whether the use of nootropics will prove to be beneficial or detrimental. Some studies have shown that nootropics improve the brain development process and unlikely to cause any damage to the central nervous system. However, other studies suggest that this can create dependency and teenagers may become unable to think properly without taking the drug. Moreover, it can become difficult for them to stop using the drug, when they think that their brain function has improved and they don’t need it anymore.

A research conducted on young adults and at what age their brain fully develops suggests that between the ages of 20 and 25, the human brain is fully developed. The same study further concluded that if cognition enhancement drugs are consistently taken before the brain is fully developed, it can damage the neural connections during their formation, which would otherwise be beneficial.


Another research has indicated that the longer an individual takes a nootropic drug, the greater are the chances that it alters the cognitive functions of their brain. People who have been using nootropic supplements for extended periods (and on a daily basis) may find it very difficult to stop using it.

While some studies indicate that taking nootropics for a long time may have positive effects like developing neuroprotective effects, this is not the case with every nootropic supplement out there. Therefore, it is best to consult a medical practitioner to determine the duration for taking these drugs.

Effects of Particular Type of Nootropic

Nootropics are available in hundreds of different forms of supplements and drugs. Each nootropic works in a different way and has a distinct mechanism of action, which is why knowing about the type of nootropic you are considering using is important. While some nootropics, like Provigil, if used for a long period, may decrease the level of dopamine in the body and create dependency; others, such as racetams, are relatively safe and don’t have detrimental effects on the cognitive function.

Mitigating the Risks of Nootropics

Now that you know about the factors which can lead to potential risks, here are a few things that you can do to mitigate them.

  • Take the Lowest Possible Dosage – Every nootropic supplement comes with a set range of dosage. However, it is important to know that not every person is the same and the normal dosage may prove to be quite high for some people. So minimize the dosage to the lowest and see whether you are experiencing any positive effects. If not, then don’t shift to a higher dosage suddenly or it may severely damage your cognitive function.
  • Be Clear about Why you are Using it – Before you start using a nootropic, be clear about the reason as to why you need it. Many people make the mistake of taking nootropic supplements without researching about its effects on the brain, mechanism of action and the right dosage, which lead to adversely affecting their central nervous system and brain function.
  • Brain Development – Do not start using nootropics before your brain has fully developed. You may think that you have poor cognitive function in your teen years, but it may improve as you reach 25 or above.
  • Steer Clear From Over-Dosage – Be sure to read about the recommended dosage and under no circumstances should you try to take more than that. Taking more than the required dosage, as mentioned before, can have detrimental effects, and your brain may even develop dependency on the drug.