The 8 Top Successful Apps On The iTunes Appstore

Being the most popular smartphone in the world, iPhone has its own iTunes appstore that sufficiently ensures you don’t miss out on any top application. The phone is built to endure intense performance with amazing capabilities to get the most out of it safely. In the iTunes appstore, you will find a wide range of apps designed for dating, games, QR scanners, socializing, marketing and many more. There are those that have been successful enough and will continue to boss the market for a long time. You don’t want to miss out on any of these top successful apps in the iTunes appstore.

1. Facebook


Top on the list is this social media app that nearly everyone knows about globally. Since its innovation, Facebook continues to dominate homes. If you are going to make your phone official with Facebook, then downloading this app is a must have. Many people rely on Facebook to connect with family and friends while still acquiring vital information. It has risen to become a vital marketing platform too making it a must have for every person.

2. Facebook messenger


Data released last month indicated that Facebook messenger together with Facebook itself had over 1 billion users all over the world. As an app affiliated to Facebook, it is a must have to fully enjoy Facebook services. You will have to download this app if you are going to fully access your inbox and sent messages almost instantly.

3. WhatsApp


This app has gone viral within a very short period. You can hardly compare its inception with any other app in the world. By often offering instant chatting platforms, WhatsApp is a must download for any iPhone owner. It offers a chance to send messages, images, video and audio files instantly and safely than most social media apps.

4. Instagram


Owned by Facebook, Instagram makes it into our most successful apps in the iTunes appstore. It is a giant when it comes to sharing moments, especially for women’s health and nutrition. All you have to do is post and see how many likes stream in. No other social media platform can compare to Instagram on photo sharing. This has made it a must have for anyone who has an iPhone.

5. YouTube


Initially, iPhones used to come with YouTube. But Apple removed it with iOS 6 and it is only good luck that Google brought it back. For anyone who wishes to access video and audio files of high quality, then downloading YouTube on the iTunes appstore will be very important. You can get to stream numerous songs by popular artists as they come in at the comfort of your phone. Since 2005, YouTube has continued to expand with new features being incorporated each time for better usage. It could be better to have it on your iPhone.

6. Google Chrome


Chrome is basically a browser upgrade of the safari original version. You will need a reliable browser which les you access any webpage faster while saving data at the same time. This app syncs bookmarks, history on any device and offers other amazing features such as autocomplete which helps faster typing when searching for anything on the browser. You can always go back to past webpages when with stored history when you want. It’s not a large file and could enhance your browsing ability incredibly.

7. Google Maps


Well, navigation hasn’t ever been easier with the Google Maps. You can never get lost in the city with this amazing app. It relies satellite images to help identify different locations worldwide. Whether you are traveling to Africa, Asia, South America or Europe, having you will need some directions on where certain building can be found. Google Maps has thus made it easier. It will thus mean much if you downloaded it from your iTunes appstore.

8. Twitter


Another amazing app that has been successful to incredible levels since 2010. It’s a social media network app that allows you to share views on anything globally. It will be a shame if you didn’t have a twitter account. You will need to download twitter and start up with hook up with everything that is happening all over the world.

Finally, the iTunes appstore has all the apps to complete your internet life. Your iPhone device is made to handle any number of them efficient thus no need to shy away. All you need is to check out some of this successful apps and download and excite yourself with some incredible moments.