Windows vs iMac – Which One Should You Choose?

written by: hansmaeta

Since their introduction, much advancement have taken place in computers and at an incredible rate! All developers want to create convenient but advanced computer software that seem to push computational limites every couple of years. The main software in a computer will determine how it rates in the market and its performance. This has brought stiff competition amongst the software developers, especially Windows and iMac.

Since iMac is from the Apple Company, you may be mistaken that it will serve you best when compared to Windows. This may not be true, as it will depend on the intended use. In addition, both of these softwares have loopholes that will always make you wish you had the other one. They will always differ in terms of price, compatibility, and level of computer optimization.

When choosing between Windows and iMac, consider the pros and cons of each. Here are the basics of both that will help you make up your mind when determining whether you want a Windows or an iMac computer:

Value Of cost


Mostly, all Apple products are more expensive than similar products from other brands. The iMac is no exceptional and it costs over 30% of the Windows. The common slogan that quality comes at a cost is of question when it comes to this. Apple products will always enjoy better hardware and connectivity but that might be all. If the added charges will represent just this, then it might be illogical.

In addition, for such brands as Apple, you will have to part with a hefty amount if you want to feel the full potential of their products. For Windows, it is only the newest version that will have some added cost. In terms of value of cost, Windows might take an upper hand but for durability and performance, Mac products will be on top.

Upgrading Potential

This is quite important for any computer since the user may require additional upgrades every year (depending on what you use it for). While upgrading, there should be no negative impact on response, speed and performance. This means that the developer must create flexible software to accommodate the upgrades. Although there are limitations to level of upgrade, it is important that the limitation be realistic.

Windows computers enjoy smoother and cheaper upgrades when compared to iMac. However, most of the latter products are adequate in terms of space requirement. This may eliminate the need to upgrade the Mac computer, although this is a big limitation to then user.

Warranty and servicing


Warranty of a computer defines the length of time you can use the computer, normally, without experiencing maintenance problems. Many factors affect this including, quality of hardware and software, user friendliness and safety features. The warranty guarantee of electronic gadgets will always cover even risks related to power problems.