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Step Into A Healthier LifeStyle With Fitness Wearable Gadget By World Global Network

world global network fitness bands

World Global Network has been launched as a new venture back in the year 2011. The company links together online communication software, photovoltaic cells, and direct sales in a MLM opportunity. It has thousands of distributors and is active in over 100 countries, selling technology and wearable products designed to improve the quality of life of its customers. Some of its products are sold uniquely through its MLM network, being unavailable on the offer of any other direct selling company.

According to the company’s site, its mission is to use technology in order to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle. Like other companies in the field of network marketing, there is the health angle, but it’s different from any of the other MLM companies out there. Some of the tech products that are sell through the company’s channels are really unique.

What Are The World Global Network Products?

This direct seller company offers wearable tech. One of their products is called Helo. This wearable gadget reminds somehow of a Fitbit. There are two versions of Hello, the newest Helo LX and the Classic. There is also an app offered as a companion to the fitness wearable gadget. The software can store and analyze all the important fitness and health indicators. For instance, the Helo LX can track your breath rate, your steps and your heart rate. Based on your activities and habits, the app will give you suggestions for improving your health and lifestyle.

Another product offered by World Global Network is the LifeLog. The app is designed to work together with a Helo device and record your day by day life in order to create a bio-profile. It registers each day breath rate, blood pressure, heart rate, heart check, itineraries, locations, sleep analysis, steps, moods, and many other details. You can check, analyze and compare in every moment your status and your mood, as well as obtain feedback and tips that will help you to improve your lifestyle and health.

World Global Network also offers a product called BioZen. This is a small sticker that can be placed around electronic devices in order to reduce the electrosmog, the biological effects of the electronic signals. According to the company, BioZen is the only technology in the world is able to protect our body at a biological level against the various electrosmog signals.
The company also provides the following products:

• Power Clouds – solar farms located in various places around the world, feeding the “global grid”. Consumers can buy power units as an investment in renewable energy and get residual income from the energy they produce.

• VoIP and Video software – these apps allow talking and video chatting via internet connection all over the world.

• Mobile Technology – the company has their own co-branded tablets and smartphone.

• Smart Pack – a software suite for running an online business, including the Includes VideoWebMeet communication software.

• VideoPostCard – a program for producing video email by using various templates.

Compensation Plan With World Global Network

Members of the World Global Network can earn bonuses by selling three packages:

• Partner Pack costs $139. It includes Smart Pack, 1 Affiliate Kit, and Space Works Partner Pack.

• Master Pack comes with a price tag of $639. It includes 6 Smart Packs, 1 Affiliate Kit, and Space Works Master Pack.

• Power Pack costs $1889, being the most expensive package. It comes with 6 Smart Packs, 1 Affiliate Kit, 1 Power Unit, and Space Works Master Pack.

• An Affiliate Kit can also be purchased separately for just $39. The Power Unit is a photovoltaic cell that represents a big percent of the Power Pack’s price.

When you sell these packs as a MLM member you can make the following Fast Start Bonuses:

• Power Pack: $240
• Master Pack: $120
• Partner Pack: $10

Other potential bonuses you can earn include $20 for selling 3 big packages when one of your downlines also sells 3 big packaged within 30 days. You can also earn Residual Commission when you or your teams distribute the ADKASH APP or sell Power Units. Learn more about the different plans and products by visiting :

Remember, Power units are $1200. The app is full of ads…and in fact that’s the point. For every app install that remains active you earn up to $1 per week. For each power unit installed you also earn up to $1 per month. Other bonuses include participating to conventions, trips, and a dream car option. You can also buy products as an affiliate at wholesale prices and sell them for retail.