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The 4 Most Successful Supplement Websites of 2016

Before the Internet, I had several issues about my health and fears that I might be lacking nutrients as I often get sick, have brittle nails, find my hair just wouldn’t grow so fast, etc. A few visits to the doctor’s office and I have sufficed myself with what my medical practitioner would advise. I rarely asked questions because I did not know what to inquire.

Several years later, when the Internet was easier to operate and search engines prove to be more efficient than ever, I started to make myself aware of things I can do to improve my health. This awareness included workouts at home to gadgets to monitor my progress to all various websites that offer information on how to keep myself and family on par with women’s and men’s health and wellness.

In time, I also came across the supplements I needed to answer my issues about myself. The experience was so liberating, knowing that you can always trust Google on things that matter most to you and your loved ones. As I look into my last bottle of Biotin, I’m wondering where do I get the most out of my money when buying my supplement. Well, my query is not yet over as I’ve come across various information about different dosages. While Mayo Clinic recommends 300 mcg of Biotin daily, other websites say I should be taking more.

My journey has also led me to discover the four best sites you can go to know about and place orders for your supplements. Here they go.


The Vitamin Shoppe has opened hundreds of stores since its inception in the late seventies. It takes pride in being a favorite store for any customer’s vitamins and supplements while providing professional advice whenever possible.

The website boasts of an informative, well-indexed site that shows the company’s products, deals, information, food guides, etc. It also has a rewards program which allows registered members to receive a point for every dollar spent on supplements. Another beautiful thing about this site is that buyers may return the products 30 days after their purchase if they’re not fully satisfied with the supplements.


IdealVitamins offers free shipping on all orders which stashes a few dollars off each time. This benefit also means there’s no minimum requirement, and the buyer can just get whatever is needed and can fit in the budget, without worrying much about hitting a quota.

The company also offers daily deals and other promotions which make it more convenient for any buyer. Members receive added bonuses and discounts. Its website also features great information about health and wellness, and scrumptious recipes.


Vitamin World has been around since the sixties, which makes it a reliable and trusted name for vitamins, supplements, and beauty care products for men and women, both online and through its hundreds of physical stores nationwide.

The company’s website is user-friendly, and you can shop quickly depending on your purpose, form, or brand. If you are spending less than $75, you may have to pay for shipping. When you think the threshold is too much, many deals and banners will make you think again.


The fourth one that makes to this list is my favorite. Supplement Police aims to serve and protect consumers against biased reviews on supplement products. It does not sell or receives money from companies through affiliate marketing to provide reports. Well, in its earlier years, Supplement Police received offers to do affiliate marketing but has recently realized how it conflicts its interest as a website demystifying products and supplements available in the market.

I consider it as a successful website because without needing to sell, the site still gains hundreds of thousands of viewers every month, if not millions. These viewers, on the other hand, do not end up with nonsense blogs. In fact, they’ll end up with articles telling them all things they need to know about buying supplements online, exposing scams and the drawbacks of items for sale. Aside from reviews, there are also other articles related to health and wellness to break the monotony, if you would ever consider it such. Well, reading more negative reviews than positive allows buyers to rethink their decisions about purchasing items online, saving readers and audiences tons of money and heartaches.

These are the four websites I consider to be most successful when it comes to supplements this year, and I am still looking forward to seeing them around for the years to come.