5 Essential Tools To Keep Your Laptop/PC Running Smooth As Butter

Nowadays when you pay out your bills, take care of our bank accounts, store very sensitive information in the cloud, and quite often purchase things on the web, you need to be more cautious about keeping your PC or laptop protected than ever before. Here are five essential tools to keep your laptop or pc running at its best:

1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


Occasionally the browser may seem sluggish, and the computer might become slow whilst connected to the net. There is a probability that your computer has been attacked by malware – a worm, a Trojan, a rootkit, and so on – that insidiously functions without your knowledge for all the wrong causes, obviously. They are supposed to just cripple your device, turn it into a robot to relay info or steal login details of your different online accounts. Enter Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, an application which makes use of its database as well as heuristics to deworm your computer successfully. Just be sure that you utilize this cleaner weekly and also keep it up-to-date.

2. Orion File Recovery Software


You unintentionally erased essential files, once and for all, and you require them back! You will probably be amazed to learn that clearing the Recycle Bin’s contents doesn’t necessarily indicate that the information has been lost permanently. What Windows did was to take the record of the existence of the files off its shelf. These files continue to exist on the hard disk, but just for a short while till they are substituted by other data. Presuming that the spot where those files had been stored on the hard drive haven’t already been replaced with new information, it is possible to fire up Orion File Recovery and search them down. Actually, it may be used to scan memory cards as well as USB drives. And on the other hand, Orion may also be used to delete the “deleted” files permanently.

3. CCleaner


It’s an excellent practice to eliminate the temporary files from the system since it might not only slow down your computer but might also consist of Malware spying on your actions as well as data. CCleaner is a superb tool to get rid of this crap. CCleaner can be utilized for different maintenance jobs such as fixing the system registry, scanning your hard disk for unnecessary stray files and also eliminate them, clear internet history, temp files and cookies from all the browsers and thus improving the overall performance of your PC or laptop.

4. WhoCrashed


System Crash is definitely annoying but it is more irritating to reach the main reason for the crash since it may be because of a malware which is a menace to the system. WhoCrashed will help you considerably in this cause analysis. After every single crash, WhoCrashed studies the log files and also queries the device drivers as necessary. This method will let WhoCrashed get to a conclusion regarding the cause of the crash. Usually WhoCrashed will be able to determine the specific root cause; however, on the rest of the occasions, it will at the very least get you to the proper route for further analysis.

5. SecuniaPSI


The last of the essential tools for your PC that we will mention in this list is SecuniaPSI. Keeping software up-to-date is essential for improved productivity and also for security reasons. SecuniaPSI is definitely the utility you require in case you know how essential it is to keep the software up-to-date but are too busy or lazy to carry out it manually.

SecuniaPSI can easily scan your computer to make a list of all of the device drivers as well as software and also suggest which ones need to be up-to-date. It can inform you when the security updates are available for Windows. It can likewise be tweaked to install all these updates automatically.